to the end of the cube
where the architect who watches
over the formation of the crystal
latticework intended a bridge.
Arrow to the orange glow.
Arrow gazing into the void
without a thought in its head.
Absolute arrow intention
of writing the cicatrix.
Arrow pointing away from
tear-soaked baseball bat
in copy room. Arrow
writing letters to shifters
who may not exist. Arrow telling me
about its glistening arrow.
Holding it up to the light
pointing it away from the membrane.
Arrow needs instructions.
Has no idea who it is.
Wants to travel, not settle down
in a clump of grass.
Arrow doesn’t know
the flying arrow rests.

Ben Mirov is the author of Hider Roser (Octopus Books, Summer 2012), Ghost Machine (Caketrain, 2010). His most recent chapbook is Vortexts (SUPERMACHINE, 2011). He grew up in Northern California and lives in Oakland.