The Morning

we sat by the river
two dads fished
with their kids
their kids—played games
on their smart phones

we drank makoli
makoli seems like funny milk

you convinced me to come here

when I arrived there were no leaves on the trees
I could look out my window in the morning
and see the Buddhist Pagoda on the mountain

The trees grew leaves
the ringing shrill scared us
when we first heard it

sweating so much
in our apartments—no air-conditioning

the leaves turned colors—red-yellow mostly
now they are falling
landing on the cement—old men and women
brush them from the front of their stores

Seems futile
but they have nothing else to do

Kind of immense-screeching feeling—
that I want you to let me pick you up
and carry you around—and you seem thrilled
but I don’t even know how to do those things anymore—

Feel like your eyebrows are bigger
than the Buddhist Pagoda
Feel like your little fingers are bigger
than the Buddhist Pagoda

I’m going to go to McDonalds now
Get a sausage egg McMuffin
America will be in there
in those hashbrowns

I didn’t mean
for time to pass

I keep saying that—to everyone

everyone believes me (because I have
blue eyes and olive skin)

the old woman
with the purple hat
that sells red bean fish pastries
sat on the sidewalk
next to another old woman

they talked

Noah Cicero lives South Korea teaching English. He has 6 books published, The Human War and The Insurgent are two of them. He has two books coming out in August by Lazy Fascist Press, one called “Go to work and do your job. Care for your children. Pay your bills. Obey The Law. Buy products.” and the other is called “Collected Works Noah Cicero Volume 1”.