Red Car in the Future

she sim simple smart she sick simple shiny left she black brain
tin thin heels heels pit tuck t tarp wrap wrapped poke-shield tight waist
change your your your I can change your your smart mind snicker suck
is it is it is it over yet yet is it it neck nestle neck eye lashed
I can change your mind you cannot take one you must take all
all car bark bark bang thick shit little tummy little fat tie it tie it tie it tight
leg let leg leg left off left fetch metal pep fin finger he her her under outfit fit fit
petal parts lips lips split parts top girl top top blond blank best blond
bright bright blond extra extra dark ports dark smoke dark dark dials
ankle blanket ankle mindless ankle tendon tend t laugh see see see
pretty pretty little tits where buried hand carried pretty limp limp pretty
happy pulp pull push push puspush press my nothing on her nothing nothing
nothing on nothing rubs on nothing nothing more until nothing until nothing
comes out nothing all all all over over her nothing nothing nothing
future snaps shut naps s s she smart she smart stilt slit ball brain then
n then then see love love hug do you do you drugged are you dead are you
you’re happy happy happy ha ha see see see clear laugh see arms arm clung hg
in the future in the see see see your light little red red red red parts come
off f in my in my in my in my in my in my in my in my man man’s h hands

B. Medrev was born in 1967 in Wyandotte, Michigan. He is a groundskeeper for Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church.