in this culture          find metallic portable shrines for books

                                                  three scribes will iron gall,
           a crown book,
                                                                           wrought with gold and jewels
                              illustrated      metalwork
                                  a single line across the page
                                                                                      the lion Mark,
identified by a knotwork
pattern                                                            twisting
                                                               gold and ink
                                                                                      the eagle John
              crucible: crucible

              text and
                                                                           in the joining of          plaited
interlaced:                            three hands, six hands
              medium intersection
                                                                                      metal the book
                         no depth, but                                        inscribe the metal

                                                     insular:                     the art of an island

Jessica Smith, Founding Editor of Foursquare and name magazines, serves as the Librarian for Indian Springs School, where she runs its Visiting Writers Series. She is the author of numerous chapbooks, most recently mnemotechnics (above/ground press 2013), and one full-length collection, Organic Furniture Cellar (Outside Voices 2006). She can be found here.