this arrow points straight to heaven
this heaven sleeps in a cave
this cave has ten thousand bodyguards
these bodyguards fight off the loneliness

this loneliness carries a shotgun
this shotgun high-fives you in the elevator
this elevator goes to a boardroom
this boardroom is in the next life

this next life is the best possible life
& you are living it to the fullest
& you are smiling at me from the cover of a greeting card
& you are no longer wasting milk and toothpaste and time

dying men say there’s lots of things
they should’ve done

i don’t want there to be lots of things
i should’ve done

i want to just
do them

Diana Salier is a musician and person who writes. She is the author of WIKIPEDIA SAYS IT WILL PASS (Deadly Chaps Press, 2011) and LETTERS FROM ROBOTS (Night Bomb Press, 2012). Her work has appeared or is upcoming in Everyday Genius, NAP, Red Lightbulbs, Housefire, and kill author. She plays guitar in a band called Swells, and wears striped pajamas.