The Morning

I peed somewhere wonderful.

minks shriek. war war war

the cable channels give up.

monday is still again.

sam notices bethany

has no more nipples.

things r urgent again

+ the duct tape sells out.

a humpicane sauces over

the carolinas drowning women

and children first. like in

butter. moby has a new

dish set to sell. CA residents

oink. happy as butchers.

this poem is too open

and sarcastic just

like jesus’ hairy cunt.

bellows like a grouper.

mandy was sold again. to make room for more children.

in the end. there was no abstence. hard cocks and wet holes

worn out won out. my plymouth. hurrah’d. I’d want 2 fuck

children but only in the classic waspy ways now seen on TV.

the igloos shutter frozen window holes. w seal skins. my safari

tent goops. it starts to rain gorp. or little heart sized rabbit shits.

it was a short book that had no memory. or quizzes.

I’m accessible here like a good poem or handicap bathroom.

crayons fucking crayons.

u found crayons in my liver

doing what exactly

only narrows the color.

Will Burke is from Portland, Maine. His chapbook “The World is Full of Peasants.” is out by Slash Pine Press.