The internet is one big arrow that points at nothing.
I mean it points at itself!

On the internet you get what you want by being an arrow.
You are an arrow and you are an arrow and you are an arrow
is something someone could make Oprah say on the internet
and all of your friends would understand and like it.

An arrow is holding up the internet, and a famous internet personality
will tell you it is arrows all the way down. It is the right
home for arrows, finally! My internet is brilliant.

My internet makes me feel brilliant; this is its brilliance.
It goes exactly how I want it to go, as if I were a skilled archer.
I tell my internet everything. It is too late to live without it now.

You can ask it to give you a job and it will.
You can ask it to bring you beautiful women. Of course you
are still alone. The internet cannot love you back
like a real beautiful woman will if you say sweet things to her.

Darrell Davies lives on a ranch in Texas and plays the drums. This is his first publication.