The Morning

I think Whitney Houston said,
“There is something about butter”
I don’t know for sure,
but who knows for sure.

If the future is a Whitney Houston
hologram calmly buttering your toast,
then the future is acceptable,
and no one has to be scared.

The last 10 seconds,
I’ve had no butter-related thoughts,
though every word (where your eyes are now)
looks like a stick of butter!

I loan a portion of my being
to butter each morning.
I smile at my Whitney Houston
hologram, there is butter in my teeth.

I have a mustache and nipples,
there’s never been a time in my life
when I was unable to eat butter,
there’s never been a time in my life!

I get confused enough to cry
when you say, “By the seat of my pants”
or when people use butter to
remove themselves from cars.

Yesterday afternoon
a man got on the bus
and ate a stick of butter.
I guarantee this happened.

Have you eaten butter
in the afternoon?
Butter is a morning thing.

Hey, I’m okay
I’m eating buttered toast
with my Whitney Houston hologram
it’s really, really quiet.

Timothy Willis Sanders is the author of Orange Juice (Publishing Genius, 2012). He lives in Austin, Texas.