There’s a woman in the bus whose stockings are pale yellow and white netting. However, when she leans over and puts her elbows on her knees, head in hands, the stockings change to grey.

Today everything is soaked. A new atmosphere wraps around the world, shooting vectors (rain and lightning) toward the (implied) gravitational center. Then the cold comes.

Founded (1935. 115,000 worldwide. Over 1,200 (motor control. 500: 140 (acquire chip one. One stop (fuse > 340. 20-minute seeds (trident. 1.59 (change. (exofair. (channel. (zech. 35.99 (juniper.

Last month I left Philadelphia in a taxi to the airport. We drove past a bouquet of smokestacks, spilling smoke into the air. In a reference to football, the smoke took the form of an eagle with its claws extended. Five inches fell the night before.

Trying to conceal a hole near the thigh.

Bruce Covey’s fifth book of poems, Reveal, will be out from Bitter Cherry Books at the beginning of oh-12. His next-most-recent ones are Glass Is Really a Liquid (No Tell Books, 2010), and Elapsing Speedway Organism (No Tell, 2006). He lives in Atlanta, GA, where he edits Coconut Poetry and curates the What’s New in Poetry reading series.